How to add an application to the launcher in Manjaro


The code

[Desktop Entry]
# The type as listed above

# The name of the application
Name=My Mega Awesome App

# The path to the folder in which the executable is run

# The executable of the application, possibly with arguments.
Exec=myMegaAwesomeExecutable --arg1 argValue

# The name of the icon that will be used to display this entry

# Describes whether this application needs to be run in a terminal or not

How to use it

  1. Use this template above replacing the values with your paths and such.

  2. Then create a replaceWithYourAppName.deskop file with the contents of that and place it in /usr/share/applications/

  3. Done! :)

But why?

During my last Linux adventures, I found myself using a lot of manually downloaded .AppImage executables or just binaries of applications that are not available in the softawre repositories of Manjaro / AUR.

I got tired of having to manually navigate the folders every time I wanted to open, let's say Firefox Developer Edition, until I found the binary.

Using this here allows me to just use the launcher search bar to quickly open those apps.

Less is more :D!