Hi there :)

I am Josep, and writing about yourself is weird (no matter if you use first or third person to refer to yourself...)

If you want to reach me, you can find me on Twitter, or just email me at me[at]jay[dot]cat

But I am happy that you got here!

If you came looking for tech stuff, I guess you already saw my blog posts.

If that isn't the case, have a look around! Maybe you'll find something useful.

I can't promise I am gonna keep writing forever, or that it will always be mainly about tech, but I hope some of the content helped you in a way :)

I actually got here because...

Looking for web accessibility things? I used to run a blog about accessibility called accessibility.space but some time ago I merged the posts into this blog

However, if you ask me, I can point you to much better and extensive resources from other (awesome) people!

You really got here randomly, uh?

If none of the above applies, I guess I should tell you that I love music and you can find some of my attempts here